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CC2 No Offset 4″ Round tube Cushion Coupler

Fits trailers with 4″ ID round tube

Part measures 4″ outside diameter. Make sure it will fit as many of the China made tubes are not all sized consistently and many are under sized.  PopUp will assume no responsibility for returns when incorrect measurements are taken. Please see return policy.

A smooth ride for you and your cargo without bulky air bags. A single high-tech cushion does the job.

The CC2 is furnished drilled for use on trailers with a safety thru pin. However, the pin cannot be used because of the internal mechanism of the Cushion Coupler. CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT FLYER

Instead of using the thru pin, the CC2 is furnished with an ingenious studded collar  to safely lock the unit in place. Will also work perfectly in trailers with two set bolts and no thru pin.

(If the trailer gussets or safety chains are in the road of the clamp use the CC4 instead of the CC2)

Pop Up Towing’s cushion ride technology has been tested at Wichita State University to improve the ride quality up to 59.01%.  Just like the rest of our product line the cushion products have a limited lifetime warranty that covers the entire product plus both cushions.  You can feel the difference!


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