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RV55 Extended Kingpin Adapter


An Extra 5 Inches Clearance Between Your Truck and RV.

Note: The top plate is 10″ square with the holes for extra bolts inset 1/2″. If it is not possible to bolt to the bottom of your king pin box, you may have to weld it.

Everyone who tows an RV needs more clearance between the truck and trailer.

You can always use more room for maneuvering, especially if you’re towing with a short bed truck. An extra 5 inches between the rear bumper and the bulkhead of the trailer makes things easier, too. The RV55 adds 5″ of new clearance from king pin center to king pin center, giving you the extra clearance you need in a strong, easy to install accessory.

NOTICE: The RV55 should NOT BE USED in conjunction with the RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4 or any other brand fifth wheel gooseneck adapter. NOT RECOMMENDED for king pins over 25″ in length, (may cause the back of the pin box to hit the bed rails when turning) Not recommended on pin boxes with cushions, or movement. Use on Standard OEM pin boxes only. 

MUST READ, If you need an adapter you must take proper measurements or damage to truck may occur.


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