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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answers you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q.  Does adding an extended coupler change the way my truck handles?
A.  Not at all. The weight is still on the ball. Your truck won’t know the difference.

Q.  Do I need a 9″ or 16″ extended coupler?
A.  Most customers with 6′ 6″ truck beds get along fine with the 9″ offset. If your truck bed is shorter then 6’6″ or your trailer is quite long and has a very square nose you will want the 16″.

Q.  Can I do a 90 degree turn with an extended coupler on my gooseneck trailer?
A.  No. The only way you can do a full 90 is with the ball back 48″ or more from the cab of the truck. The offsets do not move the ball, they lengthen the tongue of the trailer which allows for much tighter turns but not a full 90.

Q.  Do I have to lift or remove my truck bed to install a PopUp or FlipOver hitch?
A.  No our hitches are designed to install without lifting the bed.

Q.  Do I have to drill the truck frame when installing a PopUp or FlipOver hitch?
A.  None of the hitches for newer model trucks require drilling of the frame.

Q.  Can I tow a fifth wheel trailer with my gooseneck ball?
A.  Yes, just use one of our fifth-wheel adapters. That saves you from having to put a heavy fifth wheel in and out of your truck each time you want to tow.

Q.  Do you make a hitch for the 2009 and newer Dodge half ton trucks?
A.  No, because of the coil springs on the outside of the frame.

Q.  Does adding a fifth wheel adapter add stress to my trailer’s frame?
A.  They do add some stress but not enough to cause problems unless the trailer has some poor welds or other structural problems to start with.

Q.  Can I install a PopUp or FlipOver hitch myself?
A.  It depends on your skill level, but if you are comfortable working with tools you should have no problem.  Lots of our customers do their own installation.

Q.  How long does it take to install a PopUp or FlipOver hitch?
A.  Experienced installers can install a hitch in under two hours.  If it is your first time installing one it will naturally take longer.

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